Escape Room Scheveningen

Mission Impossible


Are you able to stand outside in 60 minutes?

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Ready to go on an adventure with your team, in this closed space consisting of multiple rooms? Through teamwork and deductive reasoning, it is up to you to tackle this adventure head-on and be outside again before time runs out. Because teamwork is central to fulfilling this assignment, an escape room is a great team building activity!

For this particular mission, we are looking for a team of real spies. The mission involves breaking into a lab to steal a virus. You will encounter various obstacles in your way. Collect objects, decode secret hints and activate hidden mechanisms. Your team will have one hour to break into the facility and sneak out undetected.

Unlock Scheveningen is a unique experience, involving 3 different rooms. Unlock Scheveningen is looking for team of 4 to 8 people, and requires spies to be at least 16 year of age.

Keep a level head and get that heart rate under control. Make the best use of one another’s strong suits, because the clock is ticking…

Challenge yourself, your co-workers, friends and family to this adventurous ‘Mission Impossible’.


  • Duration: 1,5 hour
  • Costs: The price depends on the size of your group, the chosen activities, the location, the time and if you want to eat and/or drink.
  • Info: escape room, guidance and organizational fee