GPS Tour

GPS Tour


Did you love playing tracking games in your youth?

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Not afraid of a challenge? Did you love playing tracking games in your youth? In that case, a Scheveningen GPS tour is right up your alley. This modern take on a walk with an adventure and riddles to solve is suitable for young and old.

We can meet your group at any desired location. Here, we’ll divide the group into teams and select the captains. Everybody will be instructed on how to use the GPS equipment. The tour won’t start until the captains can operate the device intuitively. Each team receives a map containing co-ordinates and questions for the tour. The GPS tour consists of various team building assignments and general knowledge questions to answer along the way. At the team building assignments, you’ll be met by an instructor. This activity is a good way to bolster communication and team building in a creative manner.


  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Costs: The price depends on the size of your group, the chosen activities, the location, the time and if you want to eat and/or drink.
  • Info: instructions, GPS equipment, and organizing fee