WARNING! Only for daredevils!

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WARNING! Only for daredevils! Do you like speed? A trip to sea with this powerboat is an adventure in itself. This ride will give you a sense of the power of the sea, and you’ll be confronted with all of Mother Nature’s elements.

This is something for the adventurous among us, considering this is a trip at high speed. We’ll sail out of the harbour at an easy pace, but at sea, the throttle will be opened up! Our powerboat has a minimum of 400hp. This power allows us to safely carry groups up to 10 people. Is your group larger? No problem! We can split the group up and make multiple trips. Of course, a trip at a more leisurely pace is also possible. We can sail at whatever speed you wish. The powerboat is driven by licenced skippers. This thrilling activity is perfect for a day out with co-workers, groups, or a bachelor party. This ultimate way of getting some fresh air is an unforgettable experience.


  • Duration: 30 min
  • Costs: The price depends on the size of your group, the chosen activities, the location, the time and if you want to eat and/or drink.
  • Info: powerboat and licenced skippers